Orphan Papers
Sitterwerk Art Library, St. Gall — November 12 to January 29, 2018

The Sitterwerk Art Library is dynamic in more ways than one. In addition to the library's unique cataloguing robot, the books themselves contain a multitude of notes, newspaper cutouts, and ephemera which open up new insights, histories, and lines of enquiry. These ephemera were left behind by the avid book collector, Daniel Rohner, as well as other individuals, who donated books to Sitterwerk. In the exhibition Orphan Papers, Izet Sheshivari highlights how these things left behind are as much part of the Sitterwerk library as the books themselves. The ephemera is catalogued and curated, and displayed within the library in such a way that invites interaction. Library visitors can continue to access and read the books as usual, but the exhbition allows them to do so on top of, and surrounded by, the personal notes and cutouts which have been left behind. The exhibition is therefore an optimistic invitation for visitors to add their personal voices to continuing research, and to enter other people's universes in order to explore their own. The presence of the Sitterwerk's material archive lends poignancy to these voices which have now passed away. In addition, it represents a multitude of potential personal futures.

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