Art-Rite No.16
Printed Matter, New York — From December 21 to January 14, 2013

Izet Sheshivari will launch a special reappropriation issue of Art-Rite Magazine, imagining what the “missing” issue No. 16 would have been had editors Walter Robinson and Edit Deak produced it. The project was born from ongoing research by Izet Sheshivari into alternative New York presses and will result in a future exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland. It follows Blank Book Makers, an exhibition held in 2012.
In addition to a presentation of books, Izet Sheshivari will exhibit a selection of special prints and editions. This includes a project stemming from “Inventory of Destruction” a folded newsprint comprised of 180 short statements by the French artist Eric Watier recounting the destruction of various artworks. Five newsprint pages have been altered as the result of ink blotting when print rollers were voluntarily stopped mid-run.
Another work, “Post Vinyle” presents the homemade picture discs of Swiss artist Frédéric Post produced under his pirate records label “Miracole”. From this edition, five copies contain a signed and numbered original handmade vinyl by Frédéric Post. “The Fog is a Light Darkness” looks at the nature of drawing through the sculptural paper installations of Miriam Sturzenegger. Copies feature a wood case (wood, plaster, white paint), signed and numbered by the artist are available for purchase during the show.

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Art-Rite No.16
Post Vinyle
The Fog is a Light Darkness