Izet Sheshivari runs the publishing house Boabooks based in Geneva, Switzerland. He collaborates with artists to design and publish artist books, and occasionally catalogues or textbooks. Izet Sheshivari has established a collection of artists books and The Liberated Page a network of artist book institutions and enthusiasts. He has curated a number of exhibitions and is currently undertaking research on further publications and installations, mainly on artists’ printed matter.

Curated exhibitions
The Next Page New York Art Book Fair 2016, United States, The Liberated Page Geneva 2014, Switzerland, Together with Boabooks Gallery SKOPIA 2014, Switzerland, You own me a book + New York Art Book Fair 2014, United States Blank Book Makers Geneva 2012, Switzerland Art-Rite no.16 Printed Matter 2012, New York, United States, Close-Up Forde, Geneva 2012, Switzerland.

Selected bibliography
The Next Page (Boabooks, 2016), The complete series of Boabooks artists’ notepads (edition fink, 2015), MIN The New Simplicity in Graphic Design (Thames and Hudson, 2015), The Most Beautiful Swiss Books 2013 (Federal Office of Culture, 2013), Les livres dont vous n’êtes pas le héros (Marges n.16, 2013, p. 140-142), Blank Book Makers (Boabooks, 2012) Type-one: discipline and progress in typography (Gestalten, 2005), ECAL Graphic Design (ECAL 2005), Swiss Graphic Design (Gestalten, 1999).

Workshops and residency
Gerrit Rietveld Academie (Amsterdam, Netherlands), École Nationale Supérieurs des Beaux-Arts (Lyon, France), The Royal Institue of Art (Stockholm, Sweden), École des Arts Décoratifs (Strasbourg, France).
SGV-Förderpreis (Union Suisse des Graphistes), New York residency (SCC, Geneva, Switzerland).

Selected exhibitions
Accadrà Domani Museo Marino Marini, San Pancrazio, Firenze, Le livre de photographie et ses auteurs Susanne Bieri, BNS, Bern, Boabooks Friends at OOR – one’s own room, Zürich, Unikat – Unicum. Susanne Bieri, BNS, Bern, Notes from the Underground Mladen Bizumic, Baba Vasa‘s Cellar, Belgium, Tooner Saul Marcadent, Galerie Boss, La Spezia, Italy, Bibliologie Jérôme Dupeyrat, Frac Haute-Normandie, France, Monozukuri Thierry Chancogne, Chaumont, France, The Book Affair Automatic Books, Biennale de Venise, San Lorenzo, Italy, D’après Giorgio Casa Museo Giorgio de Chirico, Rome, Italy, The Ride Raphaël Julliard, Zoo Galerie Nantes, France, Image/machine Nicolas Giraud, Galerie Maxence Malbois, Paris, France, Cosmotopia Donatella Bernardi, BAC, Geneva, Made in Geneva Véronique Goncerut-Estèbe, BAA, Geneva, Wallpaperism Nick Oberthaler, Motel Campo, Geneva, Perroquet tout s’écroule Dominique Hugon, Lausanne, Boabooks SILS Rotterdam, Netherlands, Livre à venir Stéphane Le Mercier, ESBAS, Strasbourg, France, Is a Show, is a Shop, is a Book, Maja Wismer, Latvian Center, Riga, Tensegrity Muck, Agent double, Geneva, Booked Up! Daniel Baumann, New Jerseyy, Basel, Ça prend Les Halles, Porrentruy, 9 or 10 works I used to like in no order Gallery Monitor, Rome, Italy, Die Wiederholdung der Zeichen Fanny Gonella, *Kurator, Rapperswil, Le troisième paradis Glassobox, hors les murs, France, Art cannot be unthaugt Caterina Riva, La Rada, Locarno, La marge d’erreur Le Bureau/, La Synagogue de Delme, France, P2P Le Bureau/, Casino Luxembourg